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GTO Resorts | GTO Stories | Discover the Maya Beach Resort

13 Sep 2021

At GTO Resorts, we satisfy your wanderlust with the newest addition to our growing family, the Maya Beach Resort. This luxury resort is nestled in a natural cove near Punta Campanella, with crystalline waters, a protected marine area, and dramatic limestone cliffs surrounding the premises. Each room faces the soothing sea and beckons you to soak in the warm sun on our private beach.

Make your trip to Italy truly memorable at our unique coastal sanctuary. Whether you are visiting with friends, colleagues, or your significant others, our coastal suites welcome travelers of all kinds.We also understand that 2020 was an unexpected year of challenges for everyone. But those challenges gave us a unique opportunity to reimagine the perfect trip to Italy for our guests. We asked ourselves: How can we make our luxury Sorrento hotels and resorts even more luxurious?

Exclusive music from the resort’s beach club, the Maya Beach Experience, plays against the beats of the changing tide. The distinctive ambiance allows you to leave behind your worries and enjoy nature at its finest, with a touch of modern luxury and sustainable living catering to your comfort and convenience. 



Maya Beach Resort is Francesco Giglio's (owner and CEO of GTO Resorts) and entrepreneur Davide Rocco’s groundbreaking concept in luxury beach club life. Together these visionary men created a contemporary sanctuary that awakens your senses whenever you visit. It combines the natural wonders of the Italian coast and reinvents the leisurely spirit of the Mayans with its calming and magical ambiance.

These elements come together at the elite beach club resort, where lively music, aesthetically pleasing architecture, and culinary arts shine. Opening the Maya Beach Resort two steps away from the beach club allows guests (like you) to party non-stop. 

Being part of GTO Resorts ensures that this beach resort shares the same values and hospitable style. You can trust that we respect your privacy and prepare everything to your preference when you arrive.


Maya Beach Resort features impeccably styled rooms and luxury suites with neutral palettes. The furnishings are fifty shades of beige set against the whitewashed walls in minimalist settings. This aesthetic theme creates a striking contrast to the vibrant scenery viewed from its windows. 

Guests are treated like royalty with choices between five themed double rooms and suites. Each room offers distinctive architectural details:

  • The Imix: It’s a double room designed for two and comes with a sea-facing balcony.
  • The Kaban: This double room features a patio and beautiful garden view.
  • The Kawat: This spacious two-bedroom suite comes with a patio and picturesque garden view.
  • The Lamat: This junior suite might be slightly smaller than the luxury ones, but it comes with the same luxury amenities.
  • The Muluk: It’s the largest room at the beach resort. It includes a whirlpool and oceanfront balcony.

All accommodations feature a built-in safe for valuables, Smart TV for entertainment, stocked mini-bar, high-speed Wi-Fi connection, and other essentials. Travel packages include mindful yoga and Pilates lessons at the beach.

You can hit the beach club early in the day or spend blissful moments on the beach. Popular recreational activities include sunbathing, swimming in the sea, and lounging in the cabanas. The relaxation possibilities are endless and space for exploration is limitless.

3. Treat Yourself to the Flavors of the Coast 

Chef Daniele Nasta demonstrates how you don’t need cauldrons and wands to create food magic in his kitchen. Our exemplary chef curates a mouthwatering menu with delectable and farm-to-table culinary experiences. He utilizes contemporary cooking techniques to create a food fusion, unlike anything you’ve tasted before. 

His meals are a rich blend of authentic Campania flavors, modern techniques, and international cuisines. The addition of fresh local produce, seasonal seafood, and certified organic ingredients enhances the flavor profile. Additionally, you can team these tasty treats with lip-smacking aperitifs, cocktails, and wine while you watch the sunset.

You’re welcome to eat lunch at the beach restaurant from 1 pm to 4 pm or come back for dinner from 8 pm to 11 pm. Remember to drop by at the golden hour to sip delicious aperitifs with a combination of tasty tapas, gourmet focaccia, and sushi. 

4. Have the Time of Your Life at the Beach Club  

The resort’s proximity allows you to spend every waking moment at our exclusive Maya Beach Experience beach club. It’s a great place to socialize with new people and hang out with travel companions as you take in the sights. Its terrace doubles up as a sunset bar with fruity cocktails and handcrafted refreshments served for your enjoyment. 

Trust our in-house DJ to take things up a notch with an original playlist. As soon as the sun goes down, you can expect to sway the night away under the starry sky to eclectic sounds, unique beats, and smashing songs. Having panoramic views encircling the club adds a magical element to the whole experience allowing you to create memories that last a lifetime.  

5. The Ultimate Destination for Parties & Special Events  

Plan momentous occasions in your personal and professional life in pure Maya style. It’s the ideal spot to have a destination wedding in Italy on the Amalfi Coast or a fun rendezvous with your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Alternatively, couples can fly in here for a honeymoon, babymoon, or a romantic getaway without kids. 

The child-free environment is equally advantageous for corporate events. Organize glitzy parties to impress investors or launch new collections, products, and business ventures to appease your target audience. Our professionally trained staff can transform the venue to align with your travel goals as soon as you call.

In a Nutshell  

The Maya Beach Resort uniquely celebrates the Mediterranean lifestyle. Experience a life of elegance and celebration with musical nights, handcrafted drinks, and splendid culinary delights. Relax on the beach, lounge in shaded cabanas, or swim in our saltwater pools. 

When you need a break from having fun under the sun, you can return to your luxury rooms with breathtaking views. Then head back to the beach club to mingle, dance, and party with locals and visiting guests.   

Overall, our luxury resort in Italy has everything you need to bring your dream vacation to life.

Book the Maya Beach Resort to turn your Italy trip into an all-day and night-long beach party. You can make online reservations right here.