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GTO Stories is a collection of inspirations and sensations, scents and sounds, people, and small details that become experiences. It is a guidebook to read together and is designed to take you with us on a journey to explore a new way of appreciating the coast—rediscover la dolce vita, the sweet life.

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It was the year 2020, the world was coming to a standstill, and the tourism business was trying to figure out how to cope with, adapt to, and survive a pandemic. Two years ago, many of us had probably never even uttered the word “pandemic", much less "lockdown" and "curfew."

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Heatlh and Sustainability

GTO Resorts | Blog | A sport event dedicated to Ciro Giglio

As an enterprising entrepreneur of the Sorrento Coast and founder of GTO Resorts, it isn’t easy to find the right words to describe a person like Ciro Giglio. His passion for hospitality brought life to a unique hotel project that he has shared with us all. And for this, we owe him a world of gratitude.

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Live Like a Local

GTO Resorts | Blog | A trip to the Ruins of Pompeii

There are few places in the world capable of taking you back in time—a trip to Pompeii can undoubtedly do that. In August 79 AD, the Neapolitan city was buried under a blanket of hot lava and lapilli together with the town of Herculaneum. Pliny the Elder died during the great eruption of Vesuvius because he was too curious and went closer to look at the lava.

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Heatlh and Sustainability

GTO Resorts | Discover Sentiero delle Sirenuse with GTO

The enchanting trail surrounds the Sorrento plateau and overlooks the three Li Galli islets (or Sirenuse). This pathway of sirens was named after the mythical creatures who bewitched Ulysses in Homer’s Odyssey. According to the epic poem, these seductive creatures resided near the islets. They were half-birds and half-human with beautiful faces and melodic voices that beckoned sailors to follow them. Their hypnotic song lured men astray and caused shipwrecks.

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Live Like a Local

GTO Resorts | Discover the magic of San Gregorio Armeno

If you Google “things to do in Naples” or “what to visit in Naples,” we can assure that San Gregorio Armeno (aka via San Liguoro or Strada Nostriana) will pop up on the first page. The alley lies in the heart of Naples between via Dei Tribunali and Spaccanapoli. The iconic street has become a tourist hub in the Neapolitan capital. Nicknamed “the nativity alley,” it keeps Italian Christmas traditions and festivities alive all year round.

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