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Pasta Cuomo Experience

This tour is perfect for food lovers and families who wish to discover and learn about the beautiful landscape and climate of Gragnano and how it provides the perfect conditions for the most delicious pasta in the world. Discover and enjoy the age-old techniques of making and eating delicious pastas with friends and family!




The tour starts with a scenic drive to Pasta Cuomo, a renowned, 200-year-old, family-run business. Founded in 1820, Pasta Cuomo is located in the heart of Gragnano, a mountainous city famously known as the “city of pasta.” Gragnano boasts the largest production and export of over 200 different pasta types, notably macaroni.
Pasta production in Italy dates back to the 16th century, where family-run pasta mills first appeared. Since 2013, Pasta di Gragnano has had the recognition of the protected geographic indication declared by the European Union. This strict standard regulates the carefully developed process of pasta production, creating what Gragnano locals refer to as “white gold.”

The Pasta Cuomo Experience - where pasta becomes an emotional adventure and the goal is no longer to just eat the pasta but to revel in all its glory!

The production of this world-famous pasta is attributed to the unique climate conditions — the right mixture of sun, wind and humidity aids in the slow drying process of the pasta. Minerals from the spring water that feed the mills help give the distinctive and delicious taste to the pasta dough. 30 water mills supported the Gragnano pasta industry, and some of these ruins remain and can be appreciated in the “Valley of the Mills.”
The Pasta Cuomo Experience Museum offers a virtual tour through the old mill and pasta factory that the Cuomo family established in 1904. The virtual tour is guided by Nicolino Cuomo, a Cuomo family ancestor. The experience comes full circle with the “Fusilli Class, Cooking Class and Pasta Class with Nonna,” where you will have the opportunity to create three different types of pastas.

Tour details:

  • Your private driver will pick you up at the hotel in a luxury car, and after a short introduction, you will start the tour.
  • Enjoy a beautiful and scenic drive to Gragnano (about 45 min.), with the opportunity to take pictures and admire the incredible landscape along the way.
  • Once you arrive in Gragnano, you will visit the magical world of the Pasta Cuomo Museum, where you will take a virtual tour of the mill and pasta factory, followed by a one-of-a-kind cooking course. The course is designed to teach the traditional pasta-making skills, all while having fun in the process. Participants will have the special opportunity to learn from the esteemed Grandma Giosy, pick fresh vegetables from the garden and create three delicious pastas (ravioli, dumplings and spinach roll).
  • The driver will take you back to your hotel after the cooking course
  • Total tour duration: 6 hours.

Important information:

  • Your driver will be at your complete service for the full duration of the tour. Upon request, it is possible to customize the itinerary.
  • Scheduled times for each stage of the tour may vary due to traffic or weather conditions.
  • Families with children can enjoy their own special cooking course with the Cuomo pasta girls, where they will learn from grandparents and grandchildren alike the ancient techniques of making perfect ravioli, spinach rolls and dumplings. The goal is to teach about pasta making and to create a memorable and exciting experience for your children.
  • Please contact us with any inquiries or for more information about the tour. We are more than happy to assist in creating a customizable experience for you and the whole family.

Services included:

  • Luxury air-conditioned car
  • English-speaking driver
  • Stops to take photos
  • Tappa a Gragnano
  • Visita privata ed esclusiva al museo della pasta
  • Parking, gas, taxes, driver maintenance
  • Wi-Fi
  • Water
  • Refreshing wipes

Services not included:

  • Meals and drinks
  • Pasta cooking course
  • Entrance fees to museum, if required
  • Guides on site
  • Tips and gratuities